5 GoodNotes Hacks That Will Change Your Productivity Game

5 GoodNotes hacks that will change your productivity game

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Keep reading to learn about the 5 GoodNotes hacks I use that will change your productivity game!

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Hey friends! Let’s talk about digital planning productivity! Specifically, using GoodNotes. There are so many tips and tricks I’ve learned throughout the time I first started my digital planning journey and of course, I had to share these tips (or hacks) with you!

If you’re new to digital planning and are wondering if you made the right choice to switch, the answer is yes! Planning using a digital planner can up your productivity game in a way that paper planning could never. Let me show you why!

In this post I will be showing you my top 5 GoodNotes hacks that will change your productivity game.

Multitasking with Split Screen

Split screen on GoodNotes

Let me start off by showing you Split Screen.

You start by tapping the 3 dots at the top of your iPad and it gives you the option to switch to Split View or Side Over.

Once you click on Split View, you’ll have the option to choose another app to open. Split screen gives you the ability to look at two different screens at the same time making multitasking a breeze. I love using the split screen options when I’m adding stickers or when I’m trying to look at a previous month in the year within the same planner. 

You can even long press the three dots at the top of your newly opened app and drag it down so you can place it in a smaller view on your already opened app.

One of my favorite ways to use this feature is to add photos and graphics from my photo album. This is super easy to do with Split Screen!

Once you’re ready to close the app you can simply click on the three dots once again and tap Close.

Searching Notes

Searching Notes in GoodNotes

Searching notes is definitely a feature I love to use. It makes looking for your notes or plans 100 times faster and easier. I know when I was using my paper planner it would be such a pain to search for something because I just couldn’t remember which month I needed to look in or where I had written something down.

With the Search feature, it is SUPER easy to find what you are looking for as GoodNotes does all the hard work for you. If you plan a lot and add many notes to your planner as you go, this is definitely a feature that would be essential for you.


Collaboration in GoodNotes

Collaboration is a feature that I definitely plan on using more often. This can be great if you want to share your planner with your significant other to plan out your months or even to keep up with your finances. The collaboration feature is also great to use if you have a business planner, recipe book, or memory keeping journal!

All you do is click on the Share button and turn on ‘Share Link to Collaborate’. This will then give you a link that you can send someone else so they can plan along with you.

This feature is especially helpful when you share monthly planners so you can collaborate on what is going on during the month or week.

Making Your Own Stickers

Making Stickers in GoodNotes

Making stickers in GoodNotes is so simple. You can do this simply by using the Shapes, Highlighters, and Text tool and turning it into an element.

Once you’re done creating your sticker, you can choose the Lasso tool to lasso everything then tap inside your lasso and click “Add Element.” Another great tip is that you can change the color of the element by lassoing the element, tapping inside the lasso and choosing color!

Once you’ve turned it into an element, you can reuse the element as many times as you’d like by going into your Elements tool and choosing from within your elements. I especially love that you can categorize them however you’d like if you end up creating a lot.

Turn Your Writing Into Text

Turn Writing into Text in GoodNotes

The GoodNotes text tool makes it super easy to turn your handwriting into text. This is great if you prefer to have a certain look to your planner.

The first thing you’re going to do is go to your Settings and scroll down to where it says ‘Apple Pencil’. From here you want to make sure your ‘Scribble’ is turned on.

Once you’ve made sure that Scribble is on, go back to GoodNotes and select your Text tool. Choose the font you want to use, I love using my personal font which you can grab for free in my freebie library. You can check out my tutorial on how to grab it here.

Next, choose your font size and color then select the Text Styling icon and tap “Save as Default.” That’ll make sure that your text settings remain the same whenever you use this tool again. You can always save a different style afterwards if you’d like.

Also, if you don’t know how to upload new fonts to GoodNotes, be sure to check out my step by step tutorial where I guide you on the exact steps and I also show you some of my favorite places to grab free fonts.

I know that for me, there are days where I take my time to neatly plan out my days, but, there are other days where my handwriting isn’t as neat and being able to turn my handwriting into a text font is a game-changer for me. 

BONUS! GoodNotes now has a voice recording feature which can come in handy in many instances. This is great if you use a daily journal or if you use the collaboration feature to send voice memos back and forth. It is sure to be a popular feature among digital planner lovers and I’m excited that it’s here!

Voice Record in GoodNotes

I’d love for you to leave a comment letting me know what your favorite hack was or if you have a favorite hack that helps you stay productive when planning, please share it down below!

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