5 Ways to Use a Digital Bullet Journal for Success (+ Free Digital Bullet Journal)

5 Ways to Use a Digital Bullet Journal for Success

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Keep reading to learn about 5 ways to use a digital bullet journal for success

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Hi friends! In this post I will be showing you 5 different ways you can use a digital bullet journal for success and I will also be showing you how to grab my free digital bullet journal.

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A few years ago I heard about one thing that most successful people had in common. They had a journal. They journaled every single day. Of course, I quickly thought it was time to start journaling too and not too long ago I began my digital journaling journey.

You are welcome to use all of the ideas I will list out or you may only want to only use a few of them. Either is totally fine. I want you to use the method that resonates most with you. With that being said, I’d really like you to try out at least one of these methods so that you can see just how life changing this can be when you actually put it into practice. Let’s get started!

Golden Nuggets

Golden Nugget Journaling

The first one I want to talk about are Golden Nuggets. What is it that you really want to accomplish? It is so important to plan these out and schedule them so they actually get done. This can literally be implemented into every area of your life.

One of the main reasons why people fail to achieve their long-term goals is because they set them and then forget about them. If you are constantly reviewing your goals every single morning or whenever you dedicate time to journal, it will be ingrained in your brain and your brain will work to help you accomplish them by constantly reminding you about them and looking for ideas and opportunities that could help you get closer to your achievements.

Great ideas will come to you out of nowhere, and your mind will urge you to take action until eventually, your goals become a reality. Trust me, it works.

One thing I want you to write down when you are writing these is your why. Write down the reasons why you want to achieve these. For example, you may want to start your own business to have financial freedom and flexibility. Or, you may want to learn a new language because you’re visiting another country. Whatever your goal is, make sure you write down your reason.

Your One Thing

Your One Thing Journaling

Next is your One Thing. This is something that has boosted my productivity so much since I started working to become more productive.

It’s one thing to set your goals and remind yourself about them every day. The next step is to set one thing every morning that will help you move the needle forward. This is an incredibly productive habit that will quickly help you achieve your goals. We love looking at the bigger picture but forget that sometimes it’s the little steps we take that help us achieve those big tasks. To help you identify what your one thing for the day is ask yourself this question: 

“What can I do today that will get me a little bit closer to meeting my goal?” (or my golden nugget, as I like to call it)

This one thing HAS to be something that moves the needle forward, even if it is something as small as taking out the trash if your goal is to have a clean house or planning out your week if your goal is to be more organized.

Your one thing will change every day because that one thing you decide on is meant to be completed the same day you create it.

If you’re like me and need just a bit more motivation, including a check box at the end of your one thing might make a difference for you. There’s just something about checking off the box that will make you feel accomplished.

Morning Pages

Morning Pages Journaling

Including morning pages in your digital bullet journal can be incredibly effective because you allow yourself a space to jot down your thoughts. Morning pages allow you to clear your mind by putting down all your thoughts and giving your brain a break which will allow you to continue the rest of your day with a clear head space.

Be as authentic as you can be with yourself. Let all those thoughts and emotions out and don’t worry about being neat about it. This is your safe space and you can decide how you want to create it. I love using a digital bullet journal for this because sometimes I like to add doodles to my morning pages and the bullets on my journal make it a lot easier to do so.

If you feel like you don’t have anything to say on a certain day it’s totally okay to just doodle a drawing or even use a writing prompt. The important thing is to remain consistent with this habit.

Brain Dump

Brain dump journaling

I like to use brain dumps primarily at night. I like being able to clear my mind at night and set myself up for the next day by writing out a rough plan of what I need to do the next day. This can also include any inspiration or ideas that have came up throughout the day.

You can also use your brain dump section to jot down any thoughts or ideas you’d like to remember. Unlike morning pages that you’d normally not refer back to, brain dumps are great lists to refer back to when working on your plans.

Like most things on this list, brain dumping does not have to be neat. I consider myself to have a “type-a creative personality” which means I clash with a lot of ideas and thoughts on how things should be done.

I love being creative and just getting things out there but another side of me wants perfection no matter how hard I try to avoid it. Brain dumps give me the flexibility to not have to be so neat and do exactly as it’s called – dump my ideas onto my iPad.

It’s an easy way to get all your thoughts out quickly and stop yourself from feeling disorganized, overwhelmed, and even anxious.

Tip: When using your brain dump page, don’t focus on decorating or adding extras to it. This lessens the purpose of brain dumping because you’re focusing on the creative process and that is not helping your productivity. If you’d like to decorate it, do it once you’re all done with your brain dump session.

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journaling

Last but certainly not least is the gratitude journal. There are so many positive outcomes that can come with having a gratitude journal.

To start off, your brain is wired to see the negative aspects of life. We need to train our brains to seek positivity and we can do this by actively writing down the people, things, and events that we’re grateful for. You’ll start to see all the positivity within your life and what’s best is you start to carry out your day on a more positive note. You can start out by writing 3 things that you’re grateful for and why you are grateful for those things.

As we write down these things, we are forced to pay attention to the things we normally might take for granted. This has done wonders for me personally with my well being and my mental health. I quickly noticed that I was already keeping a mental gratitude journal. Every time I wasn’t feeling my best, I would think positive thoughts and pay closer attention to what made me happy and what I was thankful for.

It does not matter whether the thing you are writing down is big or small, what’s important is that you are making note of it and that in of itself is going to start making an impact in your overall well-being.

It may not seem like a lot at first but once you do this as a daily habit, you will see a mood boost within yourself.

How To Get My Free Digital Bullet Journal

Free digital bullet journal

Now that we’ve gone over 5 Ways to Use a Digital Bullet Journal for success, let me show you how to download my free digital bullet journal.

To grab it you will head over to my freebie library. If you haven’t already signed up, I highly suggest you do as you will get access to lots of freebies that will help you with your productivity goals.

So, the first thing you will want to do is go on your device. Whether it’s a phone, tablet, or computer, this will work on all of them. If you want to save your bullet journal to Goodnotes, I suggest you do this from your iPad or tablet.

Go to your internet browser and go to CreativelyClaudia.com. Once there you will click the hamburger menu, or the 3 little lines in the upper right hand corner. Click on “Freebie Library.”

From here you will scroll down a bit and see this form:

Sign up form

Fill out the form so that I can send you an email with the password to this freebie library.

You will receive an email to your email’s inbox. If you don’t see it be sure to check your promotions folder as it may be hiding in there. 

Your email will look like this and your password will be right where I’m covering it with my pencil. Make sure to also click “Confirm your subscription” so that you receive any emails I may send in the future with more freebies.

Confirm subscription email

Now that you have the password, you will go back to your web browser and scroll down on the page where you will see a “Already a member?” section. Click the pink “Log in here” button and you will be redirected to where you can input your password. Input the password from your email and click “Enter.”

Now you can grab the free Digital Bullet Journal as well as any of the other freebies I’ve placed in here.

Click on “Download” and you will be automatically redirected to the digital bullet journal. From here you can download it wherever you’d like.

I have my bullet journal saved in my 2023 Digital Planner because I like to keep the two together as it helps increase my productivity when planning and it increases my drive to actually use it daily.

Remember, change only happens when you take action. You won’t produce change if you only think about it. I highly encourage you to try at least a few of these ideas and I promise you, you will start to see a change in your life. Bullet journaling is most productive and will almost always help you become successful once it becomes a habit in your life and the only way to turn it into a habit is by practicing this every single day.

I’m wishing you the best in the upcoming year and am here to listen to your success stories if you’d like to share them with me.

Until next time, happy planning!

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  1. Thank you so much for writing articles like these! With digital planning, I literally have ☆no☆ idea what I’m doing. The info you share is a HUGE help 🙂

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