Learn to

make digital stickers!

Whether for profit or personal flair, master the step-by-step process of crafting stunning stickers in Canva. I’ll be your guide, whether you aim to sell your designs or simply want to add a touch of creativity to your world.

What if mastering the art of creating digital stickers could be your ticket to both creative fulfillment and financial freedom?

One that can transform your creative passion into a sustainable source of income.

Discover how mastering digital sticker creation could be your key to unlocking a whole new world of possibilities. And here you thought stickers were just for decorating your planners and journals. Not quite.

Allow me to explain.

Ever wondered why creating each sticker design from scratch feels like a tedious chore? Let me shed some light.

It’s tedious because, well, it it can be. When you’re reinventing the wheel with every design, it becomes an exhausting task. What you truly need is a streamlined process.

Because when you transform sticker creation into a system, you can bet it’s so much easier. Welcome to the realm of creating captivating digital stickers in Canva!

Hey, I’m Claudia

Once upon a time, I was navigating through the daily grind, feeling the weight of repetitive tasks, just like crafting stickers individually, over and over. Then, I discovered the magic of digital products – like digital stickers.

These little gems have completely changed my life. They’re not just colorful designs; they’re a gateway to financial independence and the freedom to live life on my terms.

Through this course, will share the secrets and strategies that have completely transformed my life. Together, let’s unlock the potential of digital stickers. Join me, and let’s turn your passion into profit.

Imagine this…

You wake up every day to find your designs sold while you were sleeping or enjoying your favorite hobby. That’s the power digital products like digital stickers have granted me – a source of income that doesn’t clock out.

Escape the 9-5 grind.

Embrace financial freedom.

Unleash the untamed power of your creativity.

Access a treasure trove of ready-to-use sticker templates, effortlessly turning imagination into reality.

Step behind the scenes of my successful sticker business, gaining exclusive insights and proven strategies.

Discover a curated collection of my favorite resources, meticulously chosen for your success.

This isn’t just about stickers; it’s a journey to liberate your creativity, amplify your income, success is yours to conquer.

3 exclusive offerings you won’t find elsewhere:

Expertly Crafted Templates: Gain access to meticulously designed digital sticker templates ready for customization and resale, providing you with a head start in building your sticker empire.

Insider Business Strategies: Go behind the scenes of a successful digital sticker business. Get exclusive insights and strategies that have propelled real-world success in the digital sticker market.

Freedom-Centric Approach: This course doesn’t just teach sticker design; it’s a gateway to financial independence and lifestyle freedom. Learn to earn passively and embrace a business that works for you.

How to make digital stickers in Canva

Get the system empowering your journey to unleash creativity and income potential in the world of digital stickers.

Mastering Sticker Creation: Gain expertise in crafting captivating digital stickers from scratch using Canva, unlocking your creative potential to design for personal joy or business ventures.

Generating Passive Income: Learn how to monetize your sticker designs effectively, turning your creativity into a revenue stream that works for you continuously, even while you’re not actively creating.

Building a Thriving Sticker Business: Acquire the strategies to establish and scale a successful sticker business, from marketing to selling your designs, enabling you to thrive in the digital products market.

Experience the freedom that comes with learning new skills. Make money doing what you love.

It’s all possible. And as much as you might try and resist it, you know that it’s a strategic step towards a thriving business venture that earns while you create.

  • Instant and lifetime access to my How to: Make Digital Sticker with Canva system, so you can get crystal clear on how to start – and then work towards earning profit.
  • Done-for-you templates that you can start working on within seconds. It’s all about taking action and seeing results today.
  • Access to ALL of the exact processes and favorite resources that I’ve used to grow my own business.
  • Access to our Private Facebook Community
  • Plus more bonuses!

An absolute game-changer! This course transformed my perspective on digital stickers. The guidance provided allowed me to unleash my creativity and dive into the world of designing stickers like never before.

Claudia’s expertise and step-by-step approach made learning a breeze, and within no time, I was crafting designs I never thought possible. What sets this course apart is its focus on not just creativity but also turning that creativity into a thriving income source.

– Emma Reed

Why students love it

I can’t rave enough about this course! As someone entirely new to digital sticker design, I was amazed at how quickly I picked up the skills. Claudia’s guidance was crystal clear, and the hands-on approach made the learning process enjoyable.
Mia Nguyen
Not only did I learn to create beautiful stickers, but I also gained invaluable knowledge about marketing and selling them. This course is a game-changer for anyone looking to turn their passion into profit.
Isabella Thompson
What I found most valuable was the emphasis on turning creativity into a revenue stream. This course has equipped me with the skills and confidence to start my own sticker business. Highly recommend it!
Emily Richardson

Introduction to the fundamentals, from welcoming you to the course to delving into Canva’s benefits, distinguishing between free and Pro versions, outlining necessary materials, and guiding ethical sticker creation for potential sales.

Watch as I guide you through ideation, creation strategies, and diverse formats for your sticker collection, covering everything from mapping ideas to designing sticker sheets while emphasizing organization and choice between creating or purchasing designs.

Learn how to make various sticker types, from shapes and phrases to unique designs like washi tape, notepad, polaroid, and widget stickers, empowering you to master Canva’s tools for diverse and creative sticker creation.

Learn the essential steps of seamlessly incorporating your personally designed stickers and custom fonts into Canva, amplifying your creative arsenal for stunning designs.

Learn techniques to package your stickers effectively, from organizing PNG files to crafting optimized packages for GoodNotes, ensuring a seamless and appealing user experience across various platforms.

A comprehensive guide to elevate your digital sticker business, from creating enticing freebies and effective marketing strategies to pricing tactics, customer instructions, and invaluable small business advice, ensuring success in the competitive marketplace.

Packed with exclusive bonuses including pre-made stickers, an insider’s walkthrough of my personal process, curated resources, and complimentary templates to elevate and enhance your digital sticker designing journey.

Stop your search! This course is a treasure trove for sticker enthusiasts. Claudia’s expertise shines through every unit, making complex techniques seem effortless. What I. love about this course is that I not only learn about the design process but also the business side of things.
I’ve taken other courses, but none have matched the comprehensive approach and actionable insights offered here. It’s a must for anyone serious about turning their passion for stickers into a lucrative business!

– Sophia Reynolds

Learn to Create all these stickers!

Shape & Frame

Phrase & Word

Washi Tape



Post-it Note



But here’s why mine stands out: my course isn’t just about creating stickers.

It’s a holistic journey encompassing not just the creative process but also the strategic aspects of selling and scaling your sticker business.

With a focus on user-friendly guidance, practical techniques, exclusive bonuses, and a deep dive into the business side of sticker-making, this course is designed to empower you with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in the digital sticker market.

I understand the hesitation when trying something new. It’s human nature to stick to what feels comfortable. That’s why I offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Spend the weekend diving into the course content. It’ll take roughly 8-10 hours of your time. Engage with the material, absorb the knowledge, and give it a genuine try.

Should you find that the course isn’t aligning with your expectations, show me you’ve completed a portion of the coursework, and I’ll promptly issue a refund. No questions asked.

Imagine a year from now—

Will you look back wishing you’d embarked on this journey today?

Visualize the success, the thriving sticker business, the financial freedom. Seize this opportunity to harness your creativity and turn it into a prosperous venture.

Embrace the thought of where dedication to this course could lead you in the near future. The only regret might be not starting sooner.

Let’s recap

  • Instant and lifetime access to my transformative sticker-making system, empowering you to unleash your creativity and turn it into a thriving business.
  • Utilize ready-to-use templates and more, designed to effortlessly integrate into your sticker-making process, ensuring immediate action and visible results.
  • Gain access to all the exact systems, workflows, and processes I’ve personally used to skyrocket my sticker business, giving you the blueprint for success.
  • Access to my Private Facebook Community where you can get any of your questions – big or small – answered by your talented and like-minded peers. I will also be there to make sure you’re getting the support you need. 
  • Plus, exclusive bonuses designed to amplify your sticker-making journey!


The endless possibilities you can open up when learning to create on your own…

Join “How to: Make Stickers in Canva” Now!


  • Lifetime access to the course and all future updates
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Done-for-You Templates
  • Plus exclusive BONUSES!

more reasons students love it!

This course blew me away with its simplicity. The instructor’s teaching style made even the complex techniques easy to grasp. The bonuses were fantastic additions that truly enhanced my sticker-making journey. Highly recommended!
– Emily L.
Claudia opened up a whole new world for me. Before, I felt overwhelmed with the idea of starting a business. But the way this course breaks down each step made it feel achievable. Now, I feel empowered and confident in pursuing my dream of running a sticker business. It’s like someone turned on a light and showed me the path. Thank you!
– Ava G.
The step-by-step approach helped me navigate through every aspect effortlessly. What I loved most were the bonuses—such value! It’s rare to find a course so user-friendly and rewarding.
– Lily T.


Yes, once you purchase this course, it’s yours forever! You can come back and re-learn techniques, grab templates as you please, and listen again and again to my tips and tricks.

Yes! Because you have lifetime access to this course, you get any and all updates that I make to this course. Perks from me to you!

Yes! The beauty of this course is that it’s completely self-paced and you can work on it whenever you’re able to.

Sorry, we don’t offer payment plans at this time.

Any discounts will be announced via email to all my subscribers. Be sure to sign up at creativelyclaudia.com!

To use this course you will need the following:

• Canva (Free or Pro)

• A device you can use to access the internet and get on Canva with. I highly recommend a computer or laptop, but you can also do this from an iPad/tablet or smartphone.

No, this course is specifically designed to teach you how to create digital stickers. You can learn how to make the stickers here, but would need to learn the printing steps separately.

That really depends on how fast you grasp the skills and what kind of stickers you’re making. I can tell you though, after a while you’ll be making stickers in a breeze!

Yes! While I personally prefer using my computer when creating digital stickers, you are certainly still able to create on mobile devices such as iPads, tablets, and even smartphones.

Yes! That is a big part of the bonuses in this course! Once you purchase the course, you are allowed to sell the stickers and start making money from the get-go. You can also customize them right away as I provide links to the actual sticker templates!

What you can’t do is resell the actual template files themselves (even if you alter/change them).

Hey there, I completely understand where you’re coming from. Investing in a course can indeed be a decision that requires careful consideration, especially when it comes to budgeting.

While I firmly believe in the value of this course and the incredible transformations it can bring, I also respect everyone’s financial situation. If you think about it, the longer you wait to implement proper systems and strategies, the more money you’re leaving on the table. Time is money!

Canva is an exceptional platform for sticker-making for several reasons. Its user-friendly interface and diverse design tools make it accessible for both beginners and seasoned creators. Plus, Canva offers a wide range of features perfect for crafting and selling stickers, allowing you to unleash your creativity without the steep learning curve.

Its versatility and compatibility with various devices make it a go-to choice for designing stickers that stand out. Canva provides the perfect blend of functionality, ease of use, and creative potential that aligns seamlessly with the goals of this course.

You’ll get access to the entire program as soon as you enroll so you can work through it at your own pace. It starts and ends whenever you want it to.

This course includes video tutorials, a workbook and easy-to-follow instructions. 

I’d love to answer any more questions you might have! Send me an email at hello@creativelyclaudia.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.