How to Make a Vision Board on iPad

How to make a vision board on iPad

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Keep reading to learn how to create a vision board on iPad!

Would rather watch a video? Watch my complete walk-through below.

Making vision boards has become one of my favorite things to do when the month begins. I love creating them as they give me some inspiration and motivation for the upcoming month and they serve as inspiration for accomplishing the goals I’ve created for myself.

I’d love for you to watch the video above and start creating your vision board with me if you haven’t already! I like to create my vision boards in my digital planner as I like to look back at it when I’m looking through my planner.

Look at how cute it turned out!

June Vision Board on iPad

I’m all about creating cute things that are functional and serve as motivation so I was very excited to start creating this month’s vision board. I’d love for you to share your vision board with me if you decide to make one! You can share it over in my Facebook group if you’d like, it’ll make my day for sure!

I will say they are a little addictive if you’re anything like me, and it took me about an hour to create mine. Not because it’s hard, but because I kept scrolling through Pinterest until I found the “perfect” image.

I hope you enjoy the video and are able to start creating your monthly vision boards with me. Happy planning!

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