8 Must Have Accessories for Digital Planning

8 must have accessories for digital planning

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Keep reading to see what my 8 must-have accessories for digital planning are!

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Digital planning has become my go-to tool to bring some organization into my life. Not only that, but digital planning has helped me achieve lots of goals since I got started. If you’re anything like me, you’re wondering what can make your digital planning experience even better.

Well my friend, in this post I will share 8 must-have accessories for digital planning. And by the amount of questions I get regarding some of these items, I think you may end up wanting to grab at least one, if not all of these! Let’s get started!


GoodNotes on iPad

Let me start off by mentioning GoodNotes. GoodNotes is the app I use for my digital planners and journals and has totally changed the game for me when it comes to digital planning. I have a few tutorials on using GoodNotes if you’re new to it and I highly encourage you to check them out because I promise you, you will love it!

If you don’t have an iOS device, I suggest you do some research on what note-taking app works best for you and your digital planning needs. Having an app you can use to access your digital planner is a MUST.

Paperfeel Screen Protector

PaperFeel Screen Protector

Next is the PaperFeel screen protector. I currently have this screen protector on my iPad and I love how it feels when I write. I was starting to get used to writing on the glass screen and I always felt like I needed something to help make my writing better.

I decided to try out this PaperFeel screen protector and the best part was that it was under $10 for two packs! I was a little skeptical at first because I go by the “you get what you pay for” quote, but I was surprised when I set it up and loved it.

Let me just say that when you are first installing the screen protector, you should definitely watch a video walking you through the process because I was completely lost at first. Me being one to think I could do it without any instructions, I was wrong. Don’t make my mistake!

Pen-like Apple Pencil Tips

Pen-Like Apple Pencil Tips

Continuing with my search for finding ways to get my writing to look neater and be more enjoyable, I came across some pen-like tips for my Apple pencil.

The pack I purchased brings 3 tips, two of which are for more precise writing. I LOVE these! I wouldn’t have added them to my list if I didn’t think they were amazing and I think these are quite amazing!

I haven’t switched mine back to my regular Apple pencil tip and I think I probably never will. If you would love a more natural writing feel, the PaperFeel screen protector with these tips might just be what you are looking for. Just remember, if you do use these tips, make sure you have a screen protector on your iPad.

Pencil Case

Pencil covers

The next item I want to talk about are pencil cases. I can never have my pencil without a case on it because it almost feels as if it’s “naked.” Seriously, it feels so strange to me if I wrote without a case on my pencil.

My current favorite is the MoKo case. I have it in pink and I love that it feels like I’m actually writing with a pen. This pencil case is retractable so you can click it when you’re ready to use it or put it away. I know some people don’t like it because they say it feels bulky so it’s definitely personal preference, but I love it!

I also have 2 silicone sleeves that I was using before I got my MoKo case and what’s great about them is that they allow for more grip control since they are silicone. Also, since these are sleeves, the size of the pencil doesn’t change at all so if you aren’t a fan of a more bulky feel, this might be your preferred route.

Wireless Keyboard

Wireless Keyboard

When I tell you I searched high and low for the perfect keyboard, I am not exaggerating. I searched for a few days until I could find a keyboard that: 1. Wasn’t super expensive, 2. Had “clicky” keys 3. Was a color that fit my aesthetic and 4. Was wireless.

The only keyboards I came across were almost $200 and there was no way I’d ever spend that much when I knew I wasn’t going to be using it all the time.

I think getting a keyboard is a must-have because I prefer to type when I am using my digital journal. Whenever I have a lot of writing to do, I definitely lean towards my keyboard because I can type pretty fast and get my thoughts out faster.

I have a personal goal of journaling every morning and having this keyboard has helped me get better about achieving this goal.

iPad Stand

iPad Stand

Because I use my keyboard for digital journaling, an iPad stand is a MUST. Of course, I would much rather be able to view my iPad on a stand as I type, rather than on my desk lying flat.

I’ve come across a lot of stands, but essentially I just wanted something practical that could get the job done without having to spend too much. This stand is under $20 and I love that it is adjustable and comes in my favorite color!

Screen Cleaner

Screen Cleaner

I came across this screen cleaner a while back and had to try it out myself. I was thinking it wouldn’t work well because of my PaperFeel screen protector, but it actually works quite well!

There are times when my iPad needs a good screen cleaning and this cleaner comes in handy and makes the whole process super easy.

Digital Planner

Last but certainly not least is a digital planner! This probably should have been the first one on my list but I saved the best for last.

If you haven’t already gotten your digital planner, you can grab my free digital planner over in my freebie library. Or, if you want a next-level planner, I currently have my life planner for sale and I’m sure you will absolutely love it. If you’re curious, just check out the comments in my video!

Digital Planner

I hope you loved going through this list with me and that you found something interesting that you might want to try out. I know when I started digital planning I would look for these types of posts and videos and there weren’t very many. Happy planning, friend!

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