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Plan July with Me

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Keep reading to plan with me for July!

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I’m not sure if you feel the same way, but it seems like June flew right by! I can’t believe we are already planning for July. Summer days always seem to go by much quicker than the rest.

This month was a fun month to plan out. If you saw my previous plan with me post, then you know I created a summer schedule. I was able to make slight changes this month seeing how the last month worked out for us. So, if you haven’t already planned the upcoming month, be sure to grab a seat, and plan along my side!

Plan July with Me!

July Plan with me

Like I mentioned before, I made a few changes this month as some things that went on last month seemed to fit better for different days. For the most part, the schedule was a great way for us to have diversity each day and not just end up slumped on the couch watching movies all day.

Digital plan with me

I’ve also incorporated a new theme for our Fridays and I like to call them our “to-do” day. Now, I’m not talking about a lot of chores or work that needs to get done. Although that may be the case sometimes, this day is for us to work on our goals as a family.

For example, one of our biggest goals as a family is to start homeschooling this year. So Fridays I can dedicate some time to do “practice homeschool” so that my kids get a better understanding of what it will be like. I can also use this day to do more research on homeschooling curricula and watch reviews on different things that I think may be an option for our family.

Plan digitally with me

This is just one example. Of course, there are several goals we’d like to meet whether it’s as a family or if it’s a goal between my husband and I. Setting a day to intentionally work on these goals will make for a much more successful way of planning and goal setting.

July Plan with me

Summer is all about building memories and life skills around here so I try my best to not get upset if things don’t go as planned. Rather, embrace any changes and make the best of our time together as a family.

I had a lot of fun planning and using my new sticker pack. The notepad stickers will be perfect for when I do my weekly and daily planning. I can’t wait to put them to good use!

July Digital Stickers

So, what do you have coming up this month? Whether you’re planning a vacation, starting a new project, or just trying to stay on top of your daily tasks, digital planning can help you stay organized and focused. And with my free stickers and sticker pack, you can make your planner as unique and personalized as you!

July Digital stickers

I hope you’re as excited as I am for July and make the most of this new month! Happy planning, friend!

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