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June Plan with Me

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Keep reading to plan with me for June!

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Summer is officially here and that means time for some planning! This month things have changed a little in my world as both my boys are at home with me. I decided I would change up my planning style and plan some fun activities for us to do together. Keep reading to check it out!

If you have anything fun or interesting coming up this month, I’d love to know! Let me know in the comments down below!

Plan June with Me!

June Plan with Me

To start off, I decided it would be great to have different theme days. For example, Sundays are family days. This means I can’t schedule any activities or tasks that would take away from that. I’ve turned Monday into my cleaning/getting grocery days as Mondays have always been reset days for me and I really need to schedule this in, in order for it to happen.

Digital plan with me

Tuesdays are for visiting friends and sort of get out of the house. After Monday’s work, it’s good to get out and spend some time with loved ones. Wednesdays are library/learning days. I believe it’s important to prepare my kids for the upcoming year and I try my best to have them work on things I feel that they need to work on.

I will also be taking them to the park this day for some brain breaks and I’m sure they’ll really enjoy that.

Digital plan June with me

On Thursdays I have planned to (hopefully) spend time with my niece and nephews. My brother-in-law’s wife and I will be getting together to spend some quality time with our kids and do fun activities together. I’m super excited about this! Fridays are a mixture of everything and are days where we will probably be deciding what to do that same day. Whatever we feel like doing, or if theres something that needs our attention, we will put our focus on that.

Lastly, Saturdays will be arts and crafts day and is just a way for me to enjoy doing some creative work with my kids. I can already see their creativity flourish and it brings me so much joy to share that part of me with them.

Digital planning creatively claudia

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June Digital Stickers

So, what do you have coming up this month? Whether you’re planning a vacation, starting a new project, or just trying to stay on top of your daily tasks, digital planning can help you stay organized and focused. And with my free stickers and sticker pack, you can make your planner as unique and personalized as you!

I hope you’re as excited as I am to dive into June and make the most of this new month! Happy planning, friend!

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