The Best digital planner for 2023 | + FREE Digital Planner

The Best digital planner for 2023 | + FREE Digital Planner

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Would rather watch a video all about this all-new 2023 digital planner? Watch my complete walk-through below.

The new year is just around the corner and with that comes a need for a new digital planner. If this is your first time hearing about digital planners, please check out my post that goes more in depth about what digital planning is all about.

2023 Digital planner on iPad with Apple pencil

One of my favorite things about digital planning is just how simple it is to carry a digital planner around with you. Instead of carrying around a big planner with all your planner supplies, you have it all in one place for easy access wherever you go. Now, I don’t know about you but sometimes ideas come to mind and it’s great when you can just jot it down super quick in your iPad or tablet. Another handy tool is my Apple pencil. I’ve gotten a few questions on where I got my cover for it and you can find it here if you like it too!

2023 digital planner index on iPad

This digital planner is fully hyperlinked and that means that you can get right to your desired location with just a click of a button and the navigation throughout is is absolutely seamless.

The index page has 4 buttons where you can access the “mini planners,” “past year review,” “vision board,” and the “yearly overview.” There are also “sections” which work like notebooks you can organize and plan in whichever way you like.

Mini planners section in 2023 digital planner

The Mini Planners sections was created with the intent of being able to use different templates that you may need. I go into more detail in the video where you can see an example of how I use these templates to create my “vacay notebook.”

These Mini Planners are all hyperlinked which gives you easy access with just a click.

Mini planners layout in the 2023 digital life planner
Each Mini Planner has it’s own home page where the graphics are also hyperlinked to give you easy navigation. Quickly glance over the subject and click the template you want to use. Copying and pasting these pages is super easy and I show you how to do that in my video above.
Inspirational quote inside a digital planner on iPad
One of the most important aspects when it comes to planners is having a motivational objective to help you keep planning. This planner was carefully designed in a variety of colors to give out a positive feel. The motivational quote is one you’ll love to read while planning and helps keep pushing you towards your goals.

The Digital Life Planner has a monthly overview section for all the months as well as a monthly layout and a weekly layout. If you are looking for a daily layout, you can find them in the Mini Planners section and simply copy the page and paste it anywhere you desire.

2023 digital planner on January layout
Monthly layout in Digital Planner
Weekly layout in digital planner

As with all years, it is important to reflect on the past year as well as save some of your core memories. I have included a special page for this which you can access from the index or from the tabs.

It is also important to focus on the current year and any accomplishments you’d like to achieve along the way. I’ve included a vision board insert that you can review daily, weekly, or even monthly to help remind you of those goals you’d like to achieve. Right next to it is also a section to save your 2023 core memories. Add graphics that help keep those memories alive.

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Yearly Review layout in 2023 digital planner
2023 Digital Planner Vision Board

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